Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

So, I had some asparagus, and I had some prosciutto. I then decided I SHOULD PUT THE TWO TOGETHER. I must have seen the recipe somewhere before, because it turns out I’m not exactly original, and there are a ton of recipes for this exact thing. (Maybe it’s just that pork products and vegetables go so well that I just instinctively knew it would be amazing.) But I picked this one from CHOW for the following reasons:

I like the website. I can always rely on them for sweet recipes, discussions about how to cook bizarre things, how to season a cast-iron pan, any cooking technique you could ever need to know… I would happily refer my friends to CHOW for any food-related question.
It’s a simple recipe. No need for me to make a a beurre blanc sauce, or track down cheeses that I’ve never heard of. It literally has three ingredients (well, five ingredients, if you count salt and pepper). Very little prep time, very little cook time, A LOT OF AWESOME TIME.
It’s dairy free. I saw several recipes that required some form of mild, creamy cheese for this dish. That’s great and all, but I wanted you to know it’s gonna be awesome without any dairy at all. Plus, you can make your own cheese decisions! I only have mozzarella, feta and goat cheese in the fridge right now, but I’m confident I could put any of those on this dish and it would still be spectacular.
It doesn’t link to any particular lifestyle or “way of eating” website. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have your reasons for adopting a low carb diet (or at least needing some recipes to impress LC family or friends). There are many different “belief systems” within the low-carb world, some more strict than others. I don’t really want to link to a site that espouses views that I think are unhealthy, obsessive or cultlike, no matter how good the recipe is.

Anyway, I currently have some asparagus of my own getting all crispy and porked up! It smells great. I’ma eat that now and let you imagine how much fun I’m having.


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