Have a look at this post on Killing Thyme entitled “Cheese Boards: Let’s Appreciate.”   Basically, her construction of the perfect cheese board combines all of my favourite foods in one platter of amazingness. It’s worth a look if you are planning for a party and want to serve a low-carb appetizer… or if you’re like me and would like to elevate your snacking a little bit beyond just breaking hunks off a log of cheddar you found at the back of the fridge.

With age (and over a decade of being an on-again, off-again smoker) my taste buds have definitely changed. I used to prefer only the mildest of mozzarella or even processed “cheese food”. Now, I can enjoy pungent bleus and crumbling, tart aged cheddar just as much as dessert-like cranberry-studded sweetened goat cheese. But my favourites will always exist in the “new” realm — whether on a low carb diet or not, a super mild and creamy blob of mascarpone or buffalo mozzarella is better than any dessert.


One thought on “CHEESES.

  1. Thanks so much,I’m really glad you enjoyed the post! You’re lucky that you enjoy pungent blues, because in cheese board “rules” you’re actually supposed to have a blue. I had to adjust the “rules” a bit for my liking, but also, an old, crumbly blue looks great on a cheese board. It adds a nice ‘rustic’ look.

    If you put together a cheese board, totally take photos and let me know! I’d love to see 🙂

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