This is my blog where I link to recipes I have tried or plan to try. There are many wonderful websites out there showcasing many wonderful creations, but not all of these websites are dedicated to only display “low-carb”, “atkins”, “atkins induction”, “ketogenic” or “gluten-free” recipes. That means that so many low-carb recipes haven’t been discovered yet, and are just waiting to be appreciated by people who follow this way of eating. As well, the low-carb universe has become so saturated with food blogs that it can be easy to get lost and end up somewhere weird and gross.

I’m not exactly looking for the most mindblowingly delicious foods or the most “like the real thing” substitutions. What I am looking for is (mostly) real, accessible ingredients. I am looking for things I can find at the grocery store that require realistic amounts of effort to put together in order to create a nice meal. If I have to special-order it from another country, add strange substances and chemicals I’ve never even heard of, or buy special equipment to make this work, then I won’t post it.

Very little of this blog is original content. It is compiled of other people’s recipes, and my feelings on those recipes. I respect the effort and time that many people have invested to be able to make their creations available to the internet for free, and I fully intend to give credit where credit is due. If I have misattributed the author or website to which it belongs, or you wish to have your recipe link taken off of this site, please contact me and I will correct it.


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